Monday, June 4, 2012

Final Animatic for Presentations

My least favorite scenes became my most favorite with the background and time adjustments. Crater bit is now my favorite.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


My first run through on my story then a revised version of it.

Mock Frame

To start, we were to come up with a mock frame of what we want the end result of our project to look like.

I needed to formulate something that didn't take a lot of time. This sucked cause I'm obsessed with detail and inking and shadows. All of it is completely out of my comfort zone and I feel I'm doing alright for first attempts.

Project Posts


Now will begin the actual project posts, now that I let out all the stuff that lead up to this short story. A lot of it is really rough at the moment so expect to not be able to understand what you see sometimes.

-T Deines

Some Videos

Of older projects that involed this character in order to learn how to move those backwards knees.

Inspirations for Hermes

Recently, we had to have a PDF showing inspiration towards our character for our final project. This contains some for various reasons. I absolutely love birds that have the tall legs. Flamingos are probably my favorite, but storks run very close behind. These are some characters that influenced my choice for a stork.

Before This Project

I planned on doing an animation with Hermes about his job as an Olympian god and having to visit the Underworld.

I ultimately did do an animation about the latter part, but I also did a rough background concept for Mt. Olympus around the same time.

Website Banner

In Web Animation class, we had to make a flash website. This was the side banner for it.

Significant cause Hermes was considered more of my own character than just an assignment character to me.

Old Painting

Hermes in 3D

It was my second attempt at making a character in 3D.

I feel I did really poorly for what I COULD have done. Though he was a box at the start...

I also used the same model in a 3D project where I learned about Maya materials and lighting for the first time.

First Concepts: Hermes

In Character and Object Design, we had to recreate a god for one assignment. Instead of creating a superhero, human, or something that looks intimidating, I made a bird.

This is some of my old work (without much reference of the bird but more of the god).

I also had initially had other characters in the group, all based on Olympian gods.

By the end of the class, I had created a near final look for him.

May the Project Begin

Hello there!

This blog is to house all my project's stuff and sometimes stuff that's slightly unrelated. It'll be updated fairly regularly (weekly) to keep up to date on how my project's going from start to finish.

-T Deines